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There is soon a new STL thumbnail Provider

With the help from RonGeorge I got som STL that was complex and crashed Windows File Explorer.

After some testing I was able to get all file rendered to thumbnails.

It was not so easy to just replace the DLL. I had to do a total new MSI file.

After that RonGeorg has confirmed that this is working it will be available at

The build-in AutoUpdater should see that a newer version is available and try to download and install that version. If this is working there is no need to do the manual download and install.


  1. admin
    admin 2018-01-15

    I have released the 0.24-beta..
    I want comments if the Auto-Update is working for this new release

  2. adrien roussel
    adrien roussel 2018-11-01

    hi, i have install marlin3dprintertool, and my thumbnail not work again

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