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The STL Viewer and Shellextension for Windows File Explorer for STL thumbnails are separated from M3DpT

I have split the project into 2 separate Git repositories.

This is the new repository that contains the STL viewer and the STL thumbnail.

The newer STL thumbnail extension to WFE has alot of improvements. The most obvious is that it is alot faster.

There is still an issue.. There is some “whitewalkers”. This is because the STL contains info abot that the color of the STL should be white. This overrides the choice of color.
Bildresultat för white walkers

I have also tried some real big STL files. Sometimes the background becomes black and not transparent. Irritating, but not a big deal.

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  1. David Billingsley
    David Billingsley 2020-01-12

    Thanks for this wonderful tool! I had a few STLs that were able to fool the system and cause the Shell and Windows File Explorer to crash with the following error. Wanted to pass it along to help with your future development. Using stock Windows 10, I know that it sometimes marks certain folders as read-only which can screw up behavior with integrated applications. Another clue is that I have OneDrive syncing up backups on files. I cannot isolate the bug to one STL in particular, so it might be happening while OneDrive is attempting to copy something and was wishing it stayed the same.

    Good luck!

    Message=Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

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