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What have happend the last 4 month???

I have done some more work on the Z-offset feature.. The math is simple but I got a irritating bug somewhere in the code. I will do soe unittesting with real environment and debug that section.
Then the v0.24-beta will be ready to release.

The new feature is the Marlin configurator. Almost 4 moth and alot of abandoned branches in the development. I have tested alot of different methods to try to “interpeat” the configuration.h and get a GUI thats easy and simple to use. The result was that i created my own controls and gave them  “hooks” to both Marlin Documentation ( and the Marlin Firmware (

IMHO has Scott Lahteine done alot with the Marlin documentation and the work with Marlin FW.. The match between the documentation and the firmware is alot better than before.
If you can spare some dollars I would recommend to support them on him.
( )

Marlin Configurator is a GUI that configure the configuration.h and compare it with a working/existing/current Marlin FW.
The idea is that you should be able to configure NEW Marlin FW from existing working FW with a minimum work. The “migrate” feature is a one-button solution. This is only for the configuration.h.. The configuration_adv.h is much more complicated. (= as in the filename “adv” = more complex)
Different manufactures tweak their HW in the configuration_adv.h. Things like moving Controllerboard pin(s) and adding additional function (example: Themoelement amplifier instead of simple thermistor(s) )
This is almost impossible to predict and program a GUI for.
To make this GUI you need to have manufacture specific function and that require a special GUI for each brand /type of printer..

To do this I need a printer from the manufacturer and creating a GUI specific for that printer. The manufactures are free to add that functionality to my code (its Open-Source) or support my work to do this “special/branded” GUI.

The work with BLTouch was supported and I received a bunch of BLTouch probes to expriment with. (No money. just HW and they tested and appoved the feature) That specialization was “OK” because so many use the BLTouch and its working on so many different kind of printers and its a HW that is in the core of Marlin FW.

Make a comment(s) about making special versions for different brands. I want to hear your opinion.

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