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Need some “GinnyPigs”

I have a bug in the Z-offset calculation that I think I have fixed.
I need some testers that have a current working Z-probe-offset that they can doublechek taht the new version is calculating right.

The pay-back from me is the Marlin Configurator and a license-key (if you not already have it)

Send me a mail to c a b b a g e c r e e k ( a ) g m a i l . c o m with name and your current Z-probe-offset = M851
And I will send you a msi file with v0.24-beta



  1. Tim Vukman
    Tim Vukman 2017-09-02

    Hi There. I just signed up from Canada. I believe I have installed the product properly as I can see the main interface screen and move through the various settings. I have been at this for a while now and although I the screen shows as being connected, nothing I do has any effect on the printer. I entered the licence key and have a confirmation message in the licence box. I have filled in all of the data that I know for the various stepper parameters (lifted them out of my Marlin firmware which does drive the printer properly)

    I have turned on the show communication button, but the windows is always empty, no matter which command I send.

    What am I doing wrong? The version is 0.23.6332.21935

    • Tim Vukman
      Tim Vukman 2017-09-02

      Just to add that I did exit the software and restart it after I added the licence key

      • Tim Vukman
        Tim Vukman 2017-09-03

        I decided that I hadn’t written any changes out to the board in a while, because I didn’t think I had really made any. So, I compiled and uploaded Marlin. After it reset, I started the PrinterTool software and when it connected, I got the screen of information that your tutorial shows.
        So…..Now I can work with it and see if I can sort out my Z axis and learn some GCode stuff.
        Still willing to be a GinnyPig 🙂

  2. rust v25}
    rust v25} 2017-10-20

    Great, yahoo took me stright here. thanks btw for this. Cheers!

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