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A quick preview of the Marlin Configurator

A quick video of Marlin3DprinterTools new Feature => Marlin Configurator.
It is a GUI that reads your old Marlin FW and compare it with the new Marlin 1.1.0
While you check the checkboxes and enter values in textboxes the manual is available in a window on the side. It tries to understand where you are in the process of migration and gives you information of how to configure the features.

I hope it will be in v0.24-beta and be released at the end of May


  1. Geert van Doorn
    Geert van Doorn 2017-05-20

    STL thumbnails in Windows File Explorer no longer works in version 0.23.6330.37432

    Furthermore, it is a very good tool.
    I love it!

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