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Issue with frozen Software when doing Bed Level

The G30 will NOT execute if the probe is outside the bed.
So the setup of the bed is the probe position.. Not the nozzle position.
So redo the positions for the four corners and be sure that the probe is at the bed surface.

If the corners ar correct and the G30 will not execute the problem is in the formware and that the offest of the Z-probe is not correct. If the offset is wrong in the software the “think” that the probe is outside the bed and a G30 will crash the nozzle into the bed. Thats why the G30 dont execute.

A workaround is to test the four corners about 50mm from each bededge. First corner like 50,50 and the secund at 50,150 on a 200×200 bedsurface. If this is working try to move closer to the edges , one by one. Then you get what offset that is wrong calculated.
This workaround asumes that your probe is closer than 50mm from the nozzle.

Use a marker pen on the bed surface to indicate where the probe meassures. If you have a PEI bed surface protect it with a pice of blue painters tape. This is just for calibration. remove the tape /marks when the positions are found and then do the bed level.

I belive some beds have point where the proximity sensor reads. I belive that there is a thin piece of metal in the bed that the proximity sensor feel. If the bed has such “spots” its important to aim at souch a point.

Proximity sensor on glasbeds can be improved with a razor blade between the glas and the bedheater. Same procedure here to aim at the prepared spots

If someone has a bed with this prepared spots I want to know. I specially want to know about the center position. I use the center position to have a point where I an sure that the Z home works and Thet the extruder is not in the way when adjusting. Maybe there is no senter pint in the bed with prepared spots and I have to add instructions in the software that the lower left corner should be used (0 , 0 +- zprobe offset)

Comment if this instruction helped . I need to know the reason why this happend in the first case


  1. Robert Frakes
    Robert Frakes 2018-10-30

    Have been having issues with 3dprintertool

    Have downloaded the latest version and installed on several Windows 10 computers.

    The application starts but hangs when trying to connect to the printer. I get the circling prompt and that is all it will do. The program never initialized. I’ve tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstallings with the same results.

  2. daniel
    daniel 2019-08-18

    Thanks for tricks…But could be nice put in the descriprion on the program

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