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A Filament repository

I am now working on a filament repository for Simplify3d.

The idea is to save all the configuration for Simplify3d and create a QR code/label thS3Dat I can store with the Filament. This stored QR code contains the total setup for Simplify3D.

When you have a setup in S3D that is perfect for the current filament you save the S3D setup and create a QR label.
You need to have this setup saved befor creating the QR. Look for (modified) in S3D and save the profile before doing the QR.

Change filament or do somthing else..

When you need to restore the setup for that filament and or printsetup you scan the QR and restore the S3D setup.

This is a way to save setups to a non magnetic media that is cheap and can be saved with the filament and used for quick restore of a profile/Process(es)..
By naming the QR you get a human name for the setup.

Is this a good idea??


  1. gearmesh
    gearmesh 2018-03-03

    Yes. This is a good idea 😉

  2. Andre St-Jean
    Andre St-Jean 2018-05-13

    Yes, it is and it will be very useful.

  3. Mr. Lehmann
    Mr. Lehmann 2018-05-26

    Hi, my first thought was YES but then came the question, how can I read or scan the code?
    Do I have to use my mobile phone or do I need a QR scanner?

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