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All donations is used to pay for the commersial component used in Marlin3DprinterTool.

Marlin3DprinterTool is “beerware” and/or “free-as-in-beer”.

The “beerware” is that you should buy the developer a beer, if you meet him in person and you find Marlin3DprinterTool worth the “cost of a beer”.
Its not very likely that you meet me in person , but I will try to answer questions and help 3Sprinter owners thru social media.

“Free as in beer” is a gift given to pay for the commersial components. You pay for the “beer”  and enjoy the Marli3DprinterTool and give me inspiration and motivation to keep developing. Its like a “Like-DeLUx”

Marlin3DprinterTool is Open-Source. Its totaly open and available at . Even the license part is there ( and available to crack 😉