The v0.23-beta is released.

There is not so much new.

The z-binding feature is improved and has a chart with bindings in the 4 corners

The Autoupdate should be working.

PayPal donations get automatic license key thru mail

Using the software creates pins on the Marlin3DprinterTool map.


Next projects are:

  • Marlin Firmware configurator GUI.
    • Build your Marlin Firmware with drop-down, checkbox, etc
  • BLTouch with the newest version


I will redo all videos. There is so many features that are changed and the videos needs to be updated


The new BLTouch Setup and Testing video

Now the Marlin3Dprinter video that cover the BLTouch is published. +Tony Gomes has done the narration.. Great work!!!

I start to like the BLTouch.. Its small, accurate and light,

I have used my BigBox printer to do the video. The BigBox uses a RUMBA board with PT100 apmlifier where BLTouch normaly is installed. The video covers how to move the BLTouch “servo” connection to another pin configuration.