The new BLTouch Setup and Testing video

Now the Marlin3Dprinter video that cover the BLTouch is published. +Tony Gomes has done the narration.. Great work!!!

I start to like the BLTouch.. Its small, accurate and light,

I have used my BigBox printer to do the video. The BigBox uses a RUMBA board with PT100 apmlifier where BLTouch normaly is installed. The video covers how to move the BLTouch “servo” connection to another pin configuration.


Documentation will move from GITHUB

I will maintain the features dokumentation and the videos using wordpress instead of using the Readme file in GITHUB

I will try to redirect Google+ Posts here aswell.. At the moment I dont have the foggiest clue how to do this 😉

The Readme file will just have a short description and a link to this site.