Issue with frozen Software when doing Bed Level

The G30 will NOT execute if the probe is outside the bed.
So the setup of the bed is the probe position.. Not the nozzle position.
So redo the positions for the four corners and be sure that the probe is at the bed surface.

If the corners ar correct and the G30 will not execute the problem is in the formware and that the offest of the Z-probe is not correct. If the offset is wrong in the software the “think” that the probe is outside the bed and a G30 will crash the nozzle into the bed. Thats why the G30 dont execute.

A workaround is to test the four corners about 50mm from each bededge. First corner like 50,50 and the secund at 50,150 on a 200×200 bedsurface. If this is working try to move closer to the edges , one by one. Then you get what offset that is wrong calculated.
This workaround asumes that your probe is closer than 50mm from the nozzle.

Use a marker pen on the bed surface to indicate where the probe meassures. If you have a PEI bed surface protect it with a pice of blue painters tape. This is just for calibration. remove the tape /marks when the positions are found and then do the bed level.

I belive some beds have point where the proximity sensor reads. I belive that there is a thin piece of metal in the bed that the proximity sensor feel. If the bed has such “spots” its important to aim at souch a point.

Proximity sensor on glasbeds can be improved with a razor blade between the glas and the bedheater. Same procedure here to aim at the prepared spots

If someone has a bed with this prepared spots I want to know. I specially want to know about the center position. I use the center position to have a point where I an sure that the Z home works and Thet the extruder is not in the way when adjusting. Maybe there is no senter pint in the bed with prepared spots and I have to add instructions in the software that the lower left corner should be used (0 , 0 +- zprobe offset)

Comment if this instruction helped . I need to know the reason why this happend in the first case

I was at 3Dmeetup in Helsingborg 15-16 April.
There I meet Tom Sanlander and he told me that the STL Viewer in some cases craches. He showed my some STL files that actually crashes the STL viewer, but not file explorer and the STL thumbnail.
I investigate the problem and I have a solution for 0.26-beta.

A Filament repository

I am now working on a filament repository for Simplify3d.

The idea is to save all the configuration for Simplify3d and create a QR code/label thS3Dat I can store with the Filament. This stored QR code contains the total setup for Simplify3D.

When you have a setup in S3D that is perfect for the current filament you save the S3D setup and create a QR label.
You need to have this setup saved befor creating the QR. Look for (modified) in S3D and save the profile before doing the QR.

Change filament or do somthing else..

When you need to restore the setup for that filament and or printsetup you scan the QR and restore the S3D setup.

This is a way to save setups to a non magnetic media that is cheap and can be saved with the filament and used for quick restore of a profile/Process(es)..
By naming the QR you get a human name for the setup.

Is this a good idea??

New Z probe offset

I have discovered that the Z-probe offset algotihm is not working for newer Marlin FW.
I am now working on a totaly new idea based on the M851 command.
The idea is to test how the current M851 responce is, compared with the “paper-under-nozzle” method.
I will also add a precision control that makes it possible to chande the steps the “Probe UP/Down” makes. If you have a Z clearance of 10mm it takes forever to move in 0.05mm increments. I will try ta add a automatic precision so if the nozzle is far away from the bed the precision is less (like 0.5mm) and when its close to M851 value it will be in the range of o.05 to 0.025. I belive better precision than that is not needed.

I will try to get that included in the 0.26-beta.

I need som pre-beta tester for this and also for the “divorse” of STL thumbnail and Marlin3DprinterTool. It is from now 2 separate GIT repositories.

If you install both MSI you will get the same appearance as before.. Both programs /files are under C:\program files (x86) \marlin3dprintertool

The STL Viewer and Shellextension for Windows File Explorer for STL thumbnails are separated from M3DpT

I have split the project into 2 separate Git repositories.

This is the new repository that contains the STL viewer and the STL thumbnail.

The newer STL thumbnail extension to WFE has alot of improvements. The most obvious is that it is alot faster.

There is still an issue.. There is some “whitewalkers”. This is because the STL contains info abot that the color of the STL should be white. This overrides the choice of color.
Bildresultat för white walkers

I have also tried some real big STL files. Sometimes the background becomes black and not transparent. Irritating, but not a big deal.

There is soon a new STL thumbnail Provider

With the help from RonGeorge I got som STL that was complex and crashed Windows File Explorer.

After some testing I was able to get all file rendered to thumbnails.

It was not so easy to just replace the DLL. I had to do a total new MSI file.

After that RonGeorg has confirmed that this is working it will be available at

The build-in AutoUpdater should see that a newer version is available and try to download and install that version. If this is working there is no need to do the manual download and install.

SLT Thumbnail provider crashes Windows File Explorer

I have a solution to the STL thumbnail Provider crashes the Windows File Explorer ( and some other programs aswell). It does not matter what kind of error the STL renderprogram gets. Renaming a text-file to .STL will create problem because its not a 3D model, but it will NOT crash WFE.
Same problem with a complex STL that is impossible to parse och caontains error that is impossible to render to a 3D model. The result will be a blank STL thumbnail, but it will NOT crash WFE.

I need complex STL files to test with. I have not found any that is to complex (yet)

Send me a mail at c a b b a g e c r e e k (a) g m a i l . c o m and I will send you the Zip containing the new dll.

You need to unregister the STL thumbnail provider using Marlin3DprinterToolStlConfiguration.
Reboot the PC.
Now the STL thumbnail provider is able to be replaced,
Unzip the attached DLL.
Replace the dll in C:\program x86\Marlin3DprinterTool directory
Register the DLL again using Marlin3DprinterToolStlConfiguration

Now the crashing FileExlorer should be fixed..

If you get problems contact me thru mail/message and I will try to help

Need some “GinnyPigs”

I have a bug in the Z-offset calculation that I think I have fixed.
I need some testers that have a current working Z-probe-offset that they can doublechek taht the new version is calculating right.

The pay-back from me is the Marlin Configurator and a license-key (if you not already have it)

Send me a mail to c a b b a g e c r e e k ( a ) g m a i l . c o m with name and your current Z-probe-offset = M851
And I will send you a msi file with v0.24-beta


What have happend the last 4 month???

I have done some more work on the Z-offset feature.. The math is simple but I got a irritating bug somewhere in the code. I will do soe unittesting with real environment and debug that section.
Then the v0.24-beta will be ready to release.

The new feature is the Marlin configurator. Almost 4 moth and alot of abandoned branches in the development. I have tested alot of different methods to try to “interpeat” the configuration.h and get a GUI thats easy and simple to use. The result was that i created my own controls and gave them  “hooks” to both Marlin Documentation ( and the Marlin Firmware (

IMHO has Scott Lahteine done alot with the Marlin documentation and the work with Marlin FW.. The match between the documentation and the firmware is alot better than before.
If you can spare some dollars I would recommend to support them on him.
( )

Marlin Configurator is a GUI that configure the configuration.h and compare it with a working/existing/current Marlin FW.
The idea is that you should be able to configure NEW Marlin FW from existing working FW with a minimum work. The “migrate” feature is a one-button solution. This is only for the configuration.h.. The configuration_adv.h is much more complicated. (= as in the filename “adv” = more complex)
Different manufactures tweak their HW in the configuration_adv.h. Things like moving Controllerboard pin(s) and adding additional function (example: Themoelement amplifier instead of simple thermistor(s) )
This is almost impossible to predict and program a GUI for.
To make this GUI you need to have manufacture specific function and that require a special GUI for each brand /type of printer..

To do this I need a printer from the manufacturer and creating a GUI specific for that printer. The manufactures are free to add that functionality to my code (its Open-Source) or support my work to do this “special/branded” GUI.

The work with BLTouch was supported and I received a bunch of BLTouch probes to expriment with. (No money. just HW and they tested and appoved the feature) That specialization was “OK” because so many use the BLTouch and its working on so many different kind of printers and its a HW that is in the core of Marlin FW.

Make a comment(s) about making special versions for different brands. I want to hear your opinion.

A quick preview of the Marlin Configurator

A quick video of Marlin3DprinterTools new Feature => Marlin Configurator.
It is a GUI that reads your old Marlin FW and compare it with the new Marlin 1.1.0
While you check the checkboxes and enter values in textboxes the manual is available in a window on the side. It tries to understand where you are in the process of migration and gives you information of how to configure the features.

I hope it will be in v0.24-beta and be released at the end of May